The Happiness Story : Unlocking the Secrets to Living Your Best Life

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The Happiness Story : Unlocking the Secrets to Living Your Best Life

Book Publisher:Harper Collins
Book Author: Savi Sharma
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What if happiness isn't a distant dream, but a choice within your reach? Is there an effective way to tackle being demotivated by an intimidating world?Are you ready to abandon the fruitless quest for fleeting joy and discover the pleasure of being always content? Having enthralled millions with her captivating novels, bestselling author Savi Sharma answers the most searched question of our times: How do I achieve lasting happiness?Packed with true stories that are as moving as they are enriching, this uplifting book will inspire you to pursue your passions, fuel your ambitions and script your own destiny. Savi's transformative insights and practical tips will lead you towards experiencing bliss and peace every single day, independent of your circumstances.The Happiness Story is more than just a book-it is an invitation to take control of your happiness and start your journey on the path to ultimate well-being and fulfilment. ABOUT THE AUTHORSavi Sharma Bagrecha is an author, educator, a content creator and mother based out of Surat, Gujarat. Through four novels that have sold over 700,000 copies, she has become India’s highest-selling woman author. The Happiness Story is her first work of non-fiction through which she shares her learnings and experiences in search of true happiness.Savi also runs a self-learning studio, Svadhyaya, which focuses on personalized, value- and emotion-based ways of learning and unlearning for kids and parents. Happily sharing her life with her husband and a two-year-old daughter, Savi finds immense joy in the embrace of her family.Know more about her on or follow her journey on @storytellersavi on social media.

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