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Between The Covers
The God Enchanter by Anu Majumdar


Author's Note:


In this opening passage of the book, four of the twelve characters that make up the story come into focus. Joe, the dying American soldier who speaks and sets the parameters: a diary that must reach his daughter because he wants her to be able to live the world differently. The woman Joe addresses, is Mariam, who takes a courageous step of love across the barbed wires of war and human history, to find his daughter, Alia. Alia is the one person we see through the eyes of all the other characters, across the world, as she is born, grows up with Iraqi foster parents and makes her choices even as another war strikes and pulls in her brother Rihan. In Rihan we encounter the great battlefield that he traverses inside himself as a soldier in Iraq, caught by conflicting parentage and values that destiny has thrust upon him.




War is the state of the world we are in, whether it’s armed conflict, economic, religious or political. The God Enchanter explores the human worth Joe speaks of, through twelve very different characters and the surrender it sometimes takes, as one enigmatic man, who could be from India, walks in and out of the story.


Extract From The Book

"The wind is reaching summit. In ancient times they called this the wind of war. But those times have fallen, as I have, sinking into the sand as I speak. I have only one last duty. My son is home, playing in the yard as his mother watches from the kitchen, alone. I will die now, if I am lucky, but Rihan will live. The wind arrives upon us, full force, but this time, Time will not follow it like a servant. I see the hour shaking as men in arms stagger across the desert bewildered. The fierce, obedient spine that made all us warriors trembles because it can no longer believe in a war that has lost all human worth. The wind hits another peak. I hear a different song of war now. It will fight us again and again until we all surrender.




I want my son to know this, and my daughter, who will be born when I am gone. You are kind to touch my lips with water madam, but be kinder still and listen to what I must say. Don’t go away, promise me, for someone must listen..."


Author Bio
Anu Majumdar


Anu Majumdar is a passionate author. The God Enchanter is her third book. Her first two books, Refugees from Paradise and Parallel Journeys were well appreciated by the readers around the world. She is also an active member of the Auroville Organization. Her fans love her humanitarian,funny,quirky,and poetic style of writing the most. She maintains a website to network with her readers about the craft and profession of writing at


The God Enchanter
The Convert
The Secret Letters
The God Enchanter
by Anu Majumdar
The Convert
by Deborah Baker
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by Robin Sharma
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