The 80-20 Money Makeover

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The 80-20 Money Makeover

Book Publisher:HarperBusiness
Book Author: Arun Kumar
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Ever wondered why some people struggle with their finances despite earning well and putting in significant efforts to manage them? And how some achieve better financial outcomes with little effort?

In The 80-20 Money Makeover, popular blogger and financial expert Arun Kumar takes you on a money makeover journey. Kumar's proven model, based on the Pareto principle, or the 80-20 rule, helps you focus on the critical few decisions (versus the trivial many) and achieve great results with minimum fuss.

These frameworks will help you with different financial decisions required at crucial junctures in life-such as planning your children's education, buying a house or a car, or even quitting your job and launching that start-up you always dreamt of. Furthermore, it will help you set up an automated wealth-creation system, which will require no more than a few hours of your time every six months. You will learn and master the different levels of managing your money one at a time, apply practical behavioural insights to make sure you stick to the plan and eventually grow your way to wealth and financial freedom.

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