Shirin Paul: A Remarkable Life - Hardcover

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Shirin Paul: A Remarkable Life - Hardcover

Book Publisher:Apeejay Press
Book Author: Gitanjali Prasad
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As a family, we have always admired our mother, Shirin - not just as the friend, gentle guide and valued mentorthat she is, but also for the manner in which she has navigated life, while staying firmly rooted in the values she has always prized. Her taking over the company and being the woman in charge was unusual for a business family, at the time. Having worked in different capacities through the years, though, she brought her own unique style of leadership and organisation to the Apeejay Surrendra Group, while guiding us,and giving us the freedom to chart our own individual paths. From the point of view of company history, as also the history of a country that was coming into its own, hers is a remarkable story, we believe, that needs to be told. Her steely determination and quiet resilience have buffered us through the good and the bad. Her leadership style has ensured that she has passed on the reins to the family, while evolving a business structure and guidelines, to build a living and lasting legacy for future generations to come. This book is meant to commemorate our mother - not just as a remarkable woman, but also as an inspirational leader.

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