Lost In The Love Maze

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Lost In The Love Maze

Book Publisher:Treeshadebooks
Book Author: MUKUL KUMAR
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Mihir is suave and intense, while Suresh is mathematically programmed. Jyoti is ethereal while Sheetal is explosive. This foursome-three newly minted bureaucrats and an academic-find themselves caught up in the labyrinth of requited and unrequited love.In the course, two contrasting shades of love emerge, one tempered by the ideal of sacrifice, and another powered by the fierce determination for possession. But as they say, destiny has a penchant for deceiving desire. 'Lost in the Love Maze' is a spellbinding matrix of love, duty, ambition and passion.ABOUT THE AUTHORMukul Kumar is a bureaucrat, novelist, and poet. He is a civil servant belonging to the 1997 batch of the Indian Railway Traffic Service. His published works include three novels: ‘As Boys Become Men,’ ‘Seduction by Truth,’ and ‘Aarzoo-Arshan’ (e-book). He has also released three poetry anthologies: ‘The Irrepressible Echoes,’ ‘Catharsis,’ and ‘Rhythm of the Ruins.’ ‘Lost in the Love Maze’ is Mukul’s fourth fiction. 

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