ABC Desi

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ABC Desi

Book Publisher:Apeejay Press
Book Author: Priti Paul
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A typical ABC book is given a charming new life through the revival of the almost lost Indian craft of billboard painting. An art form that has, until recently, been deeply connected with popular Indian culture � but today battles extinction with the onslaught of new age technologies. Handcrafted, using various techniques, billboard artists skilfully recreate scenes, objects and portraiture from photographs and magazines, bringing the magic of Bollywood and the sycophancy of Indian politics to the masses on the street. Often, western themes are given a unique cultural stamp, resulting in pieces that are a mix of humour and irony, among the rich visual chaos of the bustling Indian streetscape. These vibrant graphics, an assault on the senses with their boundless colour palettes also serve as a window to fantasy and escapist entertainment. Created by Priti Paul, ABCDesi is an alphabet book with a distinct Indian flavour. It is an attempt to pique curiosity and appreciation for this unique art form in both children and adults across the globe. The book is a visual celebration and hopes to be a rich source of cultural reference and inspiration. The imperfection and flawed beauty of hand painted creations juxtaposed with bold typography and clean contemporary layouts, makes ABCDesi a unique learning tool for children, and a whimsical yet precious object for the lover of all things Indian and beautiful.

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