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Published on Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 17:30 Hrs
Cha Bar, Bengaluru

Cha Bar, Neptune Magnet Mall

Where is Cha Bar?
Cha Bar is located at Oxford Bookstore at Neptune Magnet Mall, Mumbai.


What is Cha Bar?
Spread over 2000 square feet with an extremely modern and contemporary styling, Cha Bar is sure to introduce Mumbai to a distinctive experience of relaxed tea drinking in a friendly atmosphere at price levels that offer great value for money. Cha Bar brews a wide selection of Indian and international tea including Flavoured Tea, Herbal Tea, and Fruit Tea to name a few. Hand picked variety from Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Sikkim, Oolong compliments the

best in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Moroccan, Sri Lankan, Thai and South African tea. Special category Cha Hindustani has been competitively priced at Rs. 25/ -.

Why Cha Bar?
For a rejuvenating pause in between discovering books at Oxford Bookstore, we have introduced the Cha Bar. Tea is an intrinsic part of our life and culture. It is this drink that has been enjoyed by generations as the perfect drink to relax with. Tea is refreshing, healthy and forms the perfect companion to books. Stylish and relaxing, this is a place to unwind with likeminded people or by yourself. You can reflect on things over a hot cup of tea and discover more about yourself in the company of books. Like a modern day literary cafe, it is the perfect space to exchange ideas and views.

Apeejay Surrendra Group are one of the world’s largest producers of tea. Our operations are directed through two premier tea companies AFT Industries Limited (established 1860) & Empire & Singlo Tea Limited. All our gardens are ISO 9001-2000 version compliant. We are country's third largest tea producer, retailing at Harrods. Our in-house experts have been instrumental in conceptualizing and creating this unique Bar.

At Cha Bar we would like to re- introduce the Indian audience to a vast range of teas blended and prepared with a precision that has resulted after exhausting research of the history of tea, it’s passage through the times and the form it’s taken on now internationally. Here you will see a pioneering attempt at revolutionizing and revitalizing the tea story and bringing it alive in a novel way in contemporary setting. It creates a quality space that will sell tea, the tea drinking experience and tea related products. We plan to have tea-related events in Cha Bar, like afternoon tea and tea parties.(In fact we serve special tea based cocktails and eats for some of our events)

Cha Bar is not only about Tea but goes beyond that and offers an experience that is built around a central theme-TEA. It moves tea drinking from a dry page in history to a contemporary urban living experience and bring alive the romance of tea and position it as the chosen beverage. Cha Bar proposes to educate and expose the consumer to the lost world of tea with all its possibilities – not merely as a beverage but a concept. It is about re-introducing tea as a trendy social beverage and to take it out to an urban contemporary space from the dhabas and out of the home.


Look and feel of the space?
The colors used in this area are natural in keeping with the main theme of a calm, soothing, refreshing, healthy environment that help you to recharge. All things here are in their original form. The design incorporates the natural textures of each material – wood, steel, glass, aluminum, onyx – all are uncoated and exist in their original beauty and contours. All materials that are used are simple and basic. The atrium effect adds to the space raising it to new heights. Lights filtering through the big windows bring in the outdoors. White clear light up the interiors. The predominating colour is white – offsetting the brilliant mélange of hues of the bookstore – the active space brimming with energy.

We set about a reduction to the essential against the fast economies and social changes of our time and the short-lived styles and fashions: natural materials and woods, leather, slate or granite and 'real' pieces of furniture create the harmonious and meditative space we need so urgently these days.

Cha Bar acts as the perfect foil to the busy world outside – it is a space of perfect calm amidst chaos.


What is the USP of Cha Bar?
Cha Bar serves over 69 types of teas and blends selected from renowned gardens in India and overseas. We also serve cultural interpretation of teas that tell its own story. The teas that we have come from all-important tea growing regions of Indian and the world. The service style is truly authentic, preserving the distinct flavour. We are providing an entire experience not just tea.


How do we source our teas?
The menu of Cha Bar has been well researched by our in house team of experts. Along with them the F&B Team of The Park co –developed the product and brought in their expertise and research to create an unusual menu. We source the teas from our gardens and through our well-established purchasing network. Some of the teas are direct imports. The menu boasts of teas from all the gardens of India and overseas

Along with blends we serve Cultural preparation like Moroccan Mint. Organic Tea, Green teas, Ayurvedic Teas with their healing powers have also become quite popular with the clientele. The range of teas has been complimented with the depth of choice. Virginal teas from single estates, which are also served here, give the collection a new dimension.


What else can one get at the Cha Bar?
Things that are traditional tea time favourites - sandwiches, snacks, salads, fries, muffins, cookies, pastries, cake, quiches and pies.

Address - Oxford Bookstore, Mumbai, Neptune Magnet Mall, 3A, 3rd floor, L.B.S. Marg,
Bhandup (West), Mumbai 400 078
Phone - +91.22.6708 3485/87
Email -

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