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 Published on Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 11:35 Hrs
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Dr. Pooja Agrawal's Interview on
Courageous Always Wins with Oxford Bookstore


Sukrit: A poetry book is itself a brave attempt, since nowadays the popular trend is to start with a novel. What made you choose poetry as a medium to reach out to your audience?

Dr. Pooja Agrawal: I feel writing is an art. And art comes from the heart. I tried to bring out my feelings and thoughts in the form of poetry. Writing poems is my interest and when we do anything with our interest, we fulfil our passion towards it. I just tried to share my feelings with people and give a good and positive thought towards life.

Sukrit: Your poems cover almost every aspect and every emotion of life; from childhood to adulthood to old age; love, loneliness, courage, fear etc. Is it a conscious choice on your part, so that the readers can have a poem for every mood in your book Courageous Always Wins?

Dr. Pooja Agrawal: I enjoy each and every moment of life. Sometimes I feel lonely and sad also. I have tried to note every aspect of life. Every stage of life is important but I feel childhood stage is the most delicate and innocent stage of life. Hence I have shared poetry on childhood too. Changing mood is human nature. Similarly I have written what I feel at every mood, at every stage of life.

Sukrit: Interestingly, you have segregated the poems in your book into three sections; Inspirational poems, Humourous poems and Romantic Poems. Do you have any specific reason for such segregation?

Dr. Pooja Agrawal: Segregation of poems is made according to the poems in three categories, just to differentiate the different moods of poetries I have written.

Sukrit: You have multiple degrees to your credit, yet all your poems are written in simple English which can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Does it come to you naturally or you did it deliberately so that your poetry can have a wider reach?

Dr. Pooja Agrawal: I feel that in creative writing the language should be simple. While writing poems or novels simple and clear language should be used without making it complicated, so that every time the reader does not have to refer to dictionary to understand or left with a question mark in his mind and hence lose interest in reading poems or novel.

Sukrit: While reading your poems, the one question that comes in my mind is how long you took to complete the whole poetry book. Is this poetry book a collection of your poems for a long time, or you wrote all the poems within a specific time frame with the goal of publishing it?

Dr. Pooja Agrawal: I write poems because I like writing poems. And I have written these poems from my college days; some are written after my marriage also. The most interesting thing is that I never thought of publishing it. In fact I never shared collection of my poetry with anybody. Some of my very close friends know that I am fond of creative writing. One day while I was surfing the net I came across Partridge publishing company and I registered my name in their website. Their call came to me next day and I followed up their process of publishing. I never thought of publishing a book from my collection of poetry before.

Sukrit: The best thing about your poetry is that every poem is different from the other; and the poems grow on you. I have read the poems quite a number of times and every time I have discovered something new in your poems. How did you manage to achieve this rare feat in your very first book?

Dr. Pooja Agrawal: I have shared different stages of life, different moods of human nature. Hence every poem has to be different. I feel whether it’s your first book or second or any other, it depends upon your inner feelings. It also depends on the depth in your writing, so that every reader enjoys and admires the feelings and thoughts represented by the author in her book.

Sukrit: Tell us about the predominating literary influences in your life.

Dr. Pooja Agrawal: Well , nothing as such.

Sukrit: What's next after Courageous Always Wins? Have you started working on any new book?

Dr. Pooja Agrawal: This book Courageous Always Wins consists of 45 poems. In future I would like to bring more beautiful poems with a collection of 99 poems.

Sukrit: What are your other interests, apart from writing poems?

Dr. Pooja Agrawal: I like to listen to soft music. I am also fond of adventure and travelling.

Sukrit: Finally, what is the one message you would like to convey to your readers?

Dr. Pooja Agrawal: Life is not easy but it is not so difficult that it cannot be enjoyed. It’s a game; if we learn to play it with maturity we can be a winner and if not winner we should at least play it with courage; and one day we will find that winning against all odds is not that difficult anymore.



Author Profile

Dr. Pooja Agrawal

Dr. Pooja Agrawal publishes her insightful and entertaining poetry book, titled Courageous Always Wins (published by Partridge India). Since college, Agrawal has always been quite fond of writing small articles and poems for organised cultural events. Now, she finally gets to share her personal collection of poetry with readers from all walks of life.


Dr. Pooja Agrawal has multiple degrees including M.B.A. in Finance, M.COM., M.A. in Economics, and a Ph.D. in industrial estate. With a passion for teaching, she did her B.Ed. in Psychology of Education to practice teaching and become a professor in college.



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