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Published on Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 19:11


Reiki Writing
Rei Rei The upper section of the Reiki symbol represents all prevailing energy in perfect harmony. The three squares in the middle are people with open hungry mouths. The stick figuring right below symbolise priests in ceremony. The symbol translates to people beseeching the priests to bring rain.
Ki Ki This symbol is a mystic symbol of energy. The four little sprouts are rice. This is the essence of Reiki - a balance of heaven, earth and humanity, a concept intrinsic to Chinese thought.



Miracle on the Mountaintop
Dr. Mikao Usani
Dr. Mikao Usani

“Sooner or later you're going to realize, just as I did, there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path…” - Morpheus, from the movie "The Matrix"

“Do you really believe that Jesus Christ actually had healing powers?” a little group of Japanese boys once asked a Christian minister. 
“Of course I do” came the faithful answer.
“How did he heal people?”
“With his hands, as the bible says.”
“But how?"


Mikao Usui was speechless. A strange longing suddenly possessed him. And thus began his quest. His journey first took him to the Christian schools in the USA. But years of patient research entailed ignorance. Nothing was known about the healing powers of Jesus Christ.

Someone then suggested that he study Buddhist writings. Buddha also possessed mystic healing powers. More years of intensive study followed, with the same results. He toured Japanese monasteries and temples. He spoke with priests and spiritual gurus. And then he decided to find out the answer himself. He went to a lonely mountaintop to fast and meditate for 21 days. He carried nothing but 21 stones, one of which would be thrown away at the end of each day. The days were long and hard, and the nights frosty cold. Yet he persevered. When he was down to his last stone, he flung it away with determination -

“Either I get my answer tonight, or I do not”

And then it happened. A ball of light came towards him from the distance. Usui’s first instinct was to get out of the way, but he then realized that he had nothing to lose. He let the ball of light strike him on the forehead, and finally discovered the path he had been seeking for years. Bubbles of all the colors of the rainbow appeared before him. In these bubbles were revealed the symbols of Reiki. These very same symbols were those he had been studying but was until now unable to comprehend. The final piece of the puzzle was in place.

From that moment on, he was endowed with astounding healing powers. That very day he healed his broken toenails, his starvation, an ailing tooth and the Abbots sickness which had agonized him for years. These are the first four miracles in the world of Reiki.

The next few years saw him practise and establish Reiki as an art. His followers thronged from far and wide. At this time he passed on the Reiki leadership to Mrs Takata, a devout follower. He then claimed that his duty to the world was done and that he would kill himself by bursting three blood vessels. As he spoke, the vessels burst, and the prophet who discovered reiki was no more.



Healing the Higherself
Reiki aims to heal. Healing implies complete resolution of the trouble. True healing is an attempt to align the subject with his Higher Self. Reiki, if used and applied properly can transform you spiritually and emotionally Not only can it purge your body of toxins and relieve pain, but can also help you get rid of addictions, amplify energy, alleviate anger and increase creative power. The essential principle is that of life force energy. Using his hands, the reiki practitioner taps the energy field of the body. The body being healed will draw in whatever energy it needs from the healer. This it does by its own innate intelligence. Reiki thus heals by increasing life force expectancy. The energy is real and can be easily experienced.
Healing the Higherself



Remote Control Reiki
Remote Control Reiki In the spiritual world the medium of interaction is through life force energy. Time and Space do not exist. Reiki can thus be practised regardless of the distance between the subject and the healer. In remote healing the recipient has to be objectified. In other words, the healer has to concentrate his energy on an object which would represent the recipient. The energy travels via the object to wherever the recipient may be.



Universal Reiki
Reiki can be used on everything. Try it on your pet the next time he or she feels a little down. Plants respond beautifully to reiki as well. Try placing your palm against their energy field and letting them draw out some from yours. Some people use reiki on their food. Why, even your car should respond to reiki if it is done properly. The energy zones in a car are the gear and the dashboard. Reiki works on anything that possesses an energy field, which basically means anything in existence!



Reiki Rip-off
Misuse of Reiki can be fatal. It is theoretically possible to reverse the process as well. A skilled reiki practioner can actually draw out energy from his subject, rather than vice versa. In extreme cases this can result in death. So if you visit a reiki practitioner, be sure to check his broom closet!