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The Luminaries
by Eleanor Catton

Knightley & Son
by Rohan Gavin

The First Phone Call From Heaven
by Mitch Albom

A God In Every Stone
by Kamila Shamsie

Sum Of Two Wholes Total Siyapaa
by Neha Sharma

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On A Prayer
by Yash Birla

The Science Of Happily Ever After
by TY Tashiro

How To Make Anyone Like You
by Leil Lowndes

Beloved Strangers: A Memoir
by Maria Chaudhuri

Leaders Eat Last
by Simon Sinek

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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
by Stephen Chbosky

Like It Happened Yesterday
by Ravinder Singh

Follow Every Rainbow
by Rashmi Bansal

The Finisher
by David Baldacci

Pchak! Pchak!
by Padmini Mongia



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Published on Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 19:11


Karma Tales
Karma Tales

The disappearing act

My friend lived in a very old house that was surrounded by unkempt gardens on all sides. A few years ago she died all of a sudden and even the doctors could not figure out what had gone wrong. Soon after the death strange things started happening around the house. The objects that were especially dear to her started disappearing and no one could find out where they where. After much searching they were found under a very old tree in the garden but they had been ripped to shreds. Her clothes were torn, her favourite hair brush had been broken to bits and her favourite books had all the pages torn. Till date no one knows what really happened to my friend or who spoilt all her favourite things…

M. Sharma ( Nagpur)

Back from the dead

Every year we have group photographs taken in our school and since I was part of the sports team, I have a photograph where all my friends in the team are featured. At the edge you can barely see the hazy face of another student, the star of our sports team, who died on a trekking trip a few days before the snap was taken. People dismiss it by saying it was just the fog, but I am not so sure.

R. Agarwal( Nainital)

The hitchhiking ghost

I was coming back from a late night party with my wife and was driving down a pretty desolate stretch of road in the suburbs. As I took a rather sharp bend in the road we distinctly felt someone open the door and softly close it. We looked back but there was no one in the back seat. We thought we had imagined it, but before we entered the city limits we heard the door open and softly close again. I don’t know what happened that night but I have never again taken that route when I am returning home late.

A. Mirza (Kolkata)

Living Dead

A woman suddenly passed away leaving behind three children. Preparations were being made to take the body to the cremation ground, when suddenly the body began to stir. The mother opened her eyes and said, “I moved out of my body. I reached the astral world and there they said to me, “Go back to the Earth-plane and re-enter your physical body. Meet your dear ones, bid goodbye to all your children, receive their blessings and then come back.” And so it happened. The woman took leave of every one of her children, blessed them and after a couple of hours her body went limp again.

Satish Kejriwal (Bokaro)